How to examine odometer tampering before buying a used bike or a car?

First of all, In India you can’t trust anybody so easily!

Few steps where you can make out odometer is tampered or not?

  1. Check the tyre wear and tear. Worn out tyres / Brand new tyres with low Odo reading means odo is tampered with.
  2. Check tyre manufacture date on side wall of the tyre (requires some close examination) and compare with Odo reading and vehicle registration date.
  3. Divide the odo reading by number of months since vehicle is registered. Anything less than 200 Km per month average usage is suspect. Why has the vehicle remained idle so long? (Apart from odo reading, idle vehicles tend to deteriorate faster).

Mostly even a justifiable odo meter will not assure you the technical aspects of the vehicle. No matter how old and how much the vehicle is driven? A maintained and serviced at regular intervals always signifies a good engine and delivers a better performance anytime.

The vehicle is driven 30000 kms can give better performance than the one driven even 5000 kms, so buying used car and used bike by just looking at odo meter is not justifiable for all aspects of technicality of the vehicle.

  • Note: Odo reading is just giving a peace that the vehicle is not driven more hence the vehicle is technically proven a sound vehicle.

10 Things For Girls To Consider Before Buying A Used Scooter

Women look for comfort and style in everything they own – whether it’s a pair of shoes or a sexy hand phone. So it’s no surprise that women have an exhaustive checklist when it comes to purchasing a scooter too. Buying a used scooter isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are quite a few things you need to consider when buying a used scooter. Take a look at 10 things you must look for in your scooter.
1. Budget
Most of us start looking for options before even deciding our budget. That isn’t going to help. Narrow down your search by fixing on a budget first. Be willing to stretch a little, especially if it’s your dream ride you’re talking about. You can buy a good scooter within a budget of Rs.40,000.

2. Weight
While this might not be a pain point for men, women really need to take care of this. Ritu, who has been riding her two wheeler for the past seven years says, “It’s extremely important to check the weight of the scooter. You need to be sure that you can handle it.” Most women are more comfortable zipping around on a lightweight scooter.

3. Auto start button
Convenience is another priority when buying a two wheeler. “Kick-starting a scooter is not easy for every woman, and takes a lot of effort. An auto start button is a must,” Ritu adds.

4. Storage
Make sure your scooter has enough storage space for your helmet, a backpack and a small tool kit too.

5. Maintenance
“You’re already spending quite a sum on the scooter. You don’t want to land up blowing up every month’s salary on maintenance too. A quality checked scooter would always give you peace,” says Monika who has been riding her bike for the last five years.

6. Location of service center
You may not realise the importance of this one till you are stranded. “The location of your service center is vital, especially in emergencies. You don’t want to buy a scooter and then land up travelling long distances for repairs and services. A door step servicing would bring in lot more ease.Find someone who can give you at the the door step, Monika adds.

7. Height
“If you are on the shorter side, you don’t want your scooter to be too high. It would get very uncomfortable for you,” Monika explains. Pick one which is comfortable for you and makes riding an easy job. And of course, make sure your feet touch the ground.

8. Durability
How durable is the scooter? Ask yourself this question when you go looking for one. “Even if you have a good budget, it doesn’t make sense to make a hasty decision and settle for something that simply looks good. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide,” says Zeba.

9. Style & Color
“Is my scooter just how I wanted it to be? Durable but cute? Has just the right color? These are some things I asked myself before I bought my scooter,” Monika adds. Pick a scooter that suits your personality, do not leave the healthy vehicle just because you didn’t get your color,when buying used scooter.

Why ride a scooter?
A scooter makes travelling very convenient because:

  • It gets you through traffic, even the bumper-to-bumper kind.
  • When its a short distance, you can save energy and time by hopping on your scooter, instead of walking it up.
  • Parking is never a problem, as scooters take up very little space as compared to cars.

Hot Scooters:

  • Honda Activa
  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus
  • Honda Dio
  • Hero Honda Pleasure
  • TVS Wego

A good scooter should give you a mileage of 35 to 40 kms per litre. These days new makes are claiming 60 kms per litre, but somehow on road experience depends on riding style. Honda Activa is most selling scooter in India, it has overtaken bikes in recent times as per numbers.

10. Choose one who is concerned about you
“Where to buy from? Trouble free? Technically sound? Hassle free buying experience? Wanted a quality used scooter?These are some things I asked myself before I bought my scooter,” Monika adds.

A Concern Towards Used Two Wheeler Buyer

BIKERSHIGHWAY.IN‘ – The First Multibrand Certified Used Two Wheeler Online
Showroom in Pune

Bikers Highway provides a multibrand certified used two wheeler online
showroom for people in Pune looking out for quality used two wheeler in town.
People get warranty n free service like features like they get while
purchasing a new one. Bikers Highway is the 1st to introduce such mind
blowing features in this segment.

Pune, Maharashtra, October 23, 2014 — Pune is a city in
Maharashtra, which is growing rapidly like other major cities in India.
Conveyance is an integral part in one’s life and if a person is in need of
a used two wheeler, where they should go and find one which will give them
peace from the troublesome which generally people experiences at the time of
buying a used two wheeler. Bikers Highway gives them the best two wheeler in
town to choose from with features like warranty and free service on select

At Bikers Highway, each vehicle goes through complete ownership background
check before the procurement, making sure that it is free from legal cases
and not stolen. Each bike or scooter at Bikers Highway goes through intensive
quality checks, the vehicle meeting all the standards are only then sold
under Bikers Highway Brand.

Bikers Highway takes a close look at the troublesome people faces at the time
of buying a used two wheeler. If a person is new to the city or a person who
is well aware with the city, definitely need someone who can assist them best
with their buying decision of a used two wheeler. An answer to who is buying
used two wheeler is not important, because it is a decision generally people
make depending on their need considering two important aspects, one their
budget and the choice of two wheeler,they are willing to buy. What I have to
buy and how much I have to spend, I know it. The only concern is where to get
it from?? Everyday cost in travelling in public transport does not bother
them much, what bothers them is real saving in time. Real saving in time
means save time in pre & post buying process of used bike or scooter, save
time in search of best used bike or scooter, save time in doing the
background check of previous owner of the bike or scooter, save time in
getting it serviced and refurbish it after buying before riding, , save time
in even visiting the Bikers Highway branch as they provide test ride at door
step, save time in doing the ownership transfer formality and finally it is a
win –win situation for the buyer.

Focusing on the need of People, Bikers Highway does not act as an agent as
they are unable to provide the feature of warranty unless and until the
vehicle is owned by them technically. Again, they cannot spend on getting the
vehicle checked and getting the vehicle serviced or refurbished at their own
expenses until and until the vehicle is owned by Bikers Highway technically.
Bikers Highway gives six month or 5000 kms warranty on select bike or scooter
which is less than 5 years old. Even they certify vehicle with their own
certifying system called ‘BH Certification’, which means BH Certified
vehicle is not more than 5 years old, non accidental, not driven more than
40,000 kms and the vehicle is registered within the city.

Bikers Highway gives 1 free service minimum or sometimes up to 3 free
services valid to avail within minimum of 90 days to up to 180 days on select
model from the date of purchase. Warranty and Free Service with used two
wheeler sounds great indeed and it is ultimately increasing the authenticity
of bike or scooter, which is indeed a great deal for the buyer.

Steps to own a used two wheeler is simple with, 1. Search
the inventory online, 2. Select the bike or scooter you want to buy, 3. Fill
up the test ride form online with the selected bike or scooter details or
call Bikers Highway customer care and schedule a test ride at your place, 4.
Buy your two wheeler.

Features with used two wheeler at Bikers Highway:

•       Intensive Quality Checks
•       Warranty
•       Free Service
•       RTO Formality
•       Test Ride at your place
•       Two Wheeler Loan
•       Credit Cards Accepted
•       After Sales Service
•       Vehicle Insurance
•       Buy Back Benefit
•       Exchange Benefit
•       Road Side Assistance through Rescue Roadies

With all above features introduced makes Bikers Highway to somewhere
understanding the needy buyer completely.